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American Bitches Collector's Plate
Melamine plate, with "American Bitches" artwork printed on top.  For display purposes only - think "1970s Franklin Mint" not "sandwiches in front of the TV."  Limited run! ..
Bloodhound Gang 2005 European Tour Poster
Tour poster from the 2005 run through Europe.  These have some minor wrinkling around edges, but are in otherwise good shape.  Measures approximately 24"x36". IMPORTANT: Large posters (like this one) must be ordered separately ..
Bloodhound Gang Half Baked Promotional Plaque
Super rare promotional plaque (it's a lacquered wood image) that once hung on some music executive's office wall. Reproduction of an ad that would've run in a trade magazine, highlighting the release of "Along Comes Mary." Measures approximately..
Bloodhound Gang Hefty Fine Cellfoam
Rare promotional item created for the European release of "Hefty Fine."  Banana-shaped foam cellphone enclosure (for cell phones circa 2005...), featuring text heralding the new album. Last one! ..
Bloodhound Gang Hefty Fine Lighter Holder
Rare promotional item created around the European release of "Hefty Fine."  Plastic, banana-themed holder for the average disposable lighter.  Imprinted with band info on both sides.  Last one! ..
Bloodhound Gang Jagermeister Promotional Sticker
Rare promotional sticker circa "One Fierce Beer Coaster." Paper sticker,measures approximately 6.25" x 4". ..
Bloodhound Gang Jagermeister Shotglass
Plastic shotglass with Bloodhound Gang logo on one side, Jagermeister's on the other. ..
Bloodhound Gang Sprinkle Genie Flag
Rare promotional item from the Russian release of "One Fierce Beer Coaster." Flag measures approximately 12"x6"; plastic handle / pole measures approximately 15" overall length. ..
Bloodhound Gang Take A Bite... Promotional Sticker
Rare promotional sticker. Paper sticker, measures approximately 6.25" x 3.75". ..
Bloodhound Gang Temporary Tattoo
Ultra-vintage, ultra-rare, temporary tattoo, from way back in 1994. ..
Dingleberry Haze cassette
Cassette of the band's first official (non-demo) release.  Although new / sealed, the packaging on these range in quality.  Found in the band's storage unit. ..