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Hard-Off LP - Limited Edition Vinyl
Copy of the limited "Hard-Off" vinyl release in ultra-clear / white haze (only 200 pressed in this color) that was opened by the band for inspection. Vinyl is new / unplayed / mint, it's just been taken out of the sleeve to check the color ..
One Fierce Beer Coaster LP - first edition vinyl (warped)
Original, 1996 vinyl copy of "One Fierce Beer Coaster" on Cheese Factory / Republic that includes "Yellow Fever." Vinyl was found in the band's warehouse, and opened to check condition. Has (VERY) slight warp, but, with a little work you can pro..
The Bad Touch - warped, signed 12"
Warped copy of The Bad Touch, signed by Jimmy Pop! Note: may not be 100% identical to the item shown, but all are signed by Jimmy Pop in the same way. ..
1995 Temporary Tattoo
Ultra-vintage, ultra-rare, temporary tattoo, from way back in 1995. ..
1997 Hates You Weird European Summer Tour Star Trek Sweatshirt
Weird 1997 European Summer Tour Star Trek heavy shirt / sweatshirt in size XL (but closer to 2XL). New condition, from a box in the band's warehouse. Rare! ..
1997 I Wish I Was Queer So I Could Get Chicks Postcard
Rare postcard for "I Wish I Was Queer So I Could Get Chicks" sent out to the music biz back in 1997. Measures approximately 5"x5". ..
1998 Hates You Promotional Sticker
Promotional sticker heralding the release of "Hooray For Boobies" back in 1998. Measures approximately 4.5"x2.5" ..
2000 Barrowlands Ticket
Unused ticket from the 2000 Barrowlands show. ..
2000 Hooray For Boobies Tour Chasey Lain V.I.P. Pass (Gray)
V.I.P. sticker pass from the 2000 "Hooray For Boobies" tour, featuring a picture of Chasey Lain. Measures approximately 3" x 3". ..
2000 Hooray For Boobies Tour Chasey Lain V.I.P. Passes (Complete Set)
Complete set of Chasey Lain V.I.P. passes from the 2000 Hooray for Boobies tour. ..
2000 Three Point One Four Promotional Postcard
Promotional postcard circa "Hooray For Boobies."  ..
2003 One Fierce Beer Run Test DVD
This is a Universal Disk Format (UDF) test DVD for the European release of One Fierce Beer Run but it plays on North American DVD players so it might be all-region, multi-region, or region-free. ..
2004 Extremely Rare Bootleg European Tour T-Shirt (XL Only)
Rare XL European bootleg tour shirt. Apparently, the bootleggers decided that the tour was called "Around the World 2004." Some small white spots on the shirt (see detail photo), but new / never washed.  ..
2005 European Tour Poster
Tour poster from the 2005 run through Europe.  These have some minor wrinkling around edges, but are in otherwise good shape.  Measures approximately 24"x36". IMPORTANT: Large posters (like this one) must be ordered separately ..
2005 Pennsylvania State Song Promotional Postcard
Promotional postcard from the PA state song campaign, unearthed from Jimmy Pop's archival lots. ..