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HIM - Love Metal Archives Vol. 1 DVD
Promotional copy from the Jimmy Franks Recording Company archives. ..
HIM - Razorblade Romance 2LP Pink Vinyl
Limited edition gatefold vinyl release of HIM's finest moment.  Heavyweight, pink, 2 LP set from the Jimmy Franks Recording Company. ..
HIM - Razorblade Romance mini poster
Promotional poster for HIM's "Razorblade Romance." Measures approximately 11"x17". ..
Hooray CD (censored version of Hooray for Boobies)
Censored version of "Hooray For Boobies" ("Hooray"). Promo punch in rear barcode, but otherwise new. ..
Hooray For Boobies Cheerleaders Promotional Postcard
Promotional postcard from the release of "Hooray For Boobies." ..
Jagermeister Bands Poster
Vintage poster from "Use Your Fingers"-era Bloodhound Gang.  Measures approximately 17"x22".   IMPORTANT: Large posters (like this one) must be ordered separately from all other items (except other large posters), as they ship ..
Jagermeister Beachball
Never inflated (new) promotional beachball, featuring Bloodhound Gang logo on one side, Jagermeister logo on the other. Found in band's warehouse, last one available! ..
Jagermeister Beachball (#2)
Uninflated / new promotional beachball from Jagermeister.  Features "Bloodhound Gang" on one side, "Fueled by Jagermeister" on the other. Found in band's warehouse, last one available!  ..
Jagermeister Shotglass
Plastic shotglass with Bloodhound Gang logo on one side, Jagermeister's on the other. ..
Jimmy Pop's Les Paul Guitar
Jimmy Pop's Les Paul, used on tour, with all the accompanying dings and wear that comes with such a thing (belt buckle and strumming marks, nick on the headstock, etc. - see the photos for more detail). Includes case. Sorry, but we can't ship this on..
Mama Say Promotional CD Single 2
Promotional CD singles from Columbia / Underdog, found in the band's storage unit. Small hole drilled through CD tray along the spine (you could replace the tray if you want), and the tracklisting (below) is what's on the actual CD, but the inlay sho..
Mope Promotional CD Single
Promotional single produced by Geffen for "Mope." ..
No Hard Feelings promotional CD single
Rare copy of the "No Hard Feelings" promotional single.  Tracklisting No Hard Feelings - The Man's Edit No Hard Feelings - Sticking It To The Man's Edit   ..
One Fierce Beer Coaster (Republic Version) Cassette
Cassette version of the pre-Geffen release of "One Fierce Beer Coaster."  Sealed stock found in the Bloodhound Gang storage unit, these include "Yellow Fever."  note: most cases are cracked, but cassette and inserts all appear to be in..
One Fierce Beer Coaster Sticker
Sticker printed for the promotion of "One Fierce Beer Coaster." Found in the band's warehouse, but in very good condition. Measures approximately 5" in diameter. ..