Hard-Off LP - Limited Edition Vinyl

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Copy of the limited "Hard-Off" vinyl release in ultra-clear / white haze (only 200 pressed in this color) that was opened by the band for inspection. Vinyl is new / unplayed / mint, it's just been taken out of the sleeve to check the color and quality of the pressing. The interior sleeve has a few odd bends from where it was inserted at the plant, but LP sleeve is perfect. Everything is included, the photo just shows the vinyl so you can see that it's not the black version. note: vinyl may differ slightly from image, as each piece varies from one to the next.

Side A
My Dad Says That's For Pussies
American Bitches
Chew Toy
Uncool As Me

Side B
Clean Up In Aisle Sexy
Diary Of A Stranger
Socially Awkward Penguin
Think Outside The Box
We're Gonna Bring The Party To You